Rules and regulations are the things that are keeping the world stable. A society without rules is anarchy and such a society is not favorable. Rules are made for a reason. Ignoring them and crossing them might be fun and fill you with adrenaline, but, one small mistake might result in a lot of damage. And anyone who willingly goes against the rules ignoring the damage it causes others is defined as a sociopath. Rules at home, at school, at office, traffic rules, hospital rules, all have a common aim. To maintain peace and safety. Ignoring them will cause chaos and damage a lot of property and lives. When traffic rules are disobeyed, you have the potential to ruin more than one life. Driving at full speed may fill you with adrenaline and give you a high that you crave, but, one small mistake, and your vehicle might flip over and completely ruin your life beyond repair. And the worst part is, if you hit someone else in the process, they should pay for the mistakes you committed. That is why we have rules that check our speed. If we cross that certain speed in that road, the potential for an accident to occur is high. Cops monitor our speed regularly. In case of emergencies, we might need to accelerate. Is there any way we can know if the cops are on our tail?

Radar Detector and its efficiency

A radar detector is commonly used by motorists to check if the cops are monitoring their speed. In cases of races, we need to know if the cops are on our tail to protect ourselves from getting caught. Due to this reason, a lot of countries prohibit the use of a radar detector. It is a good buy as it helps you from getting a lot of tickets, fines, etc. Radars detect signals across wavelengths which are along the range: X, Ka, K. It detects scattered radiation which gives the driver more than enough time to keep his speed in check before he gets tailed. Some radar detectors also have a GPS embedded which will help them lockdown the places where police constantly track speed of vehicles. The new and advanced police radars give out very less number of ultra-short pulses and use wide beam to target many vehicles simultaneously. This makes most of the radar detectors ineffective. So, which one will help us overcome this problem? What is the best radar detector 2018?

Popular radar detectors in the market

In an area where regular improvements are necessary to keep up with the upcoming technology and the ever-rising demand, there are numerous radar detector brands who obviously claim that they are the absolute best. So, which one is the best radar detector 2018?

  • Escort: Ranked as the best radar detector for almost four decades. They keep reinventing themselves and their reach is far wider than the other brands. And the best part? They are super-fast.
  • Uniden: It is also one of the oldest radar detection brands that lived for a long time
  • Beltronics: This is another branch of escort which will protect you on the high roads. They have updated themselves with all the latest technology.

Based on the consumer reviews, prices and technology that are particularly unique in all, these three came out at the top.

The Top Three

Determining the best of the best is difficult when all of them appear so similar.

  1. Escort passport 9500IX radar detector: It is black in color and weighs 8.32 ounces. The average rating is 4.8 out of 5. It can accurately reject false alerts and can work with escort live where in you can connect with other users and receive updates with its AutoLearn technology. Robbing a bank with your team has never been easier! Roadside mounted sensors that help in calculating the speed of the traffic can be detected and set off multiple alarms with their Traffic Sensor Rejection Software. It also load beforehand the red-light camera and speed traps location with the Defender database program. It also has variable speed sensitivity functions. The high way speed and city speed sensitivity can be adjusted. It uses integral digital signal processing and SiRFstar IV GPS for receiving the best location.
  2. Escort Max 360 radar detector: It is black in color and weighs 1.76 ounces. It is loaded better than escort passport 9500IX. The average rating is 4.9 out of 5. The dual antennas which are present on their rear, sides and front reports you radar signals from 360 degrees. Can it get any better? The built-in Bluetooth technology enables it to easily connect with escort live. It has covered all the extremities- full range coverage, full band coverage, and instant response. As seen in escort passport 9500IX, it is also equipped with AutoLearn technology that helps in rejecting all false alerts. The advanced technology helps you from knowing the alerts of other users who experienced them while in that area by pulling out previous databases in that area. Magical right? It also has the Defender database program. With its amazing voice communication, dual language and multi-color graphics display, it is one of the favorite toys of many on the market.
  3. Uniden R3 extreme long-range radar detector: weighs 1.51 pounds and the average rating is 4.9 out of five. It has no virtual blind spots. It has a full spectrum 360 degrees digital signal processing that detects all and any signals. The additional KA False and K False filters will prohibit and decrease most of the noise interference that is produced from old car models. The voice alert that barks out commands can help you with smooth driving and it also has a sneaky side. You can judge for yourself if you want someone to know that you are using it.

Best radar detector 2018 can be different and unique in their own way but all of them are united on one common ground: to protect and safe guard the user.