In the market, there are both original and generic spare parts, so it is important to know their characteristics and differences to choose the most appropriate option. Archive Safety and reliability are the basic aspects in a vehicle, for this reason, it is essential to know the differences and characteristics between these two original or generic replacement alternatives when giving maintenance or repairing a car. To choose between an original or generic spare you must have an account many factors such as price, durability and a number of aspects that will make the option we choose to be profitable for the consumer’s pocket and also in your satisfaction for having a vehicle in the perfect state.

1959 nash metropolitan is a prepared key information on the spare parts, explains that in the market there are two possibilities, the original and generic, so it is important to know their characteristics and differences to choose the most appropriate option.

Characteristics and main differences between the original and generic spare parts at 1959 nash metropolitan:

One of the aspects to take into account is the manufacture, in the original spare parts who produces and guarantees the work is the manufacturer, which is usually the automotive brand. On the other hand, the generic has much resemblance to the original, but with the difference that it can be of lower quality and duration. The useful life of these parts depends on the type of spare part. For example, the genuine bands have duration of more than 170 thousand km (although the manual recommends changing every 100 thousand km), while the generic ones last between 40 thousand and 45 thousand km, that is, less than half the time at 1959 nash metropolitan.

The price difference can vary a lot between these accessories, the originals for having better technology and quality have a higher value than generic ones. Choosing well will be essential since it will depend on this to save some money. A generic gearbox bearing costs 60 dollars compared to a genuine one that is at 100, this could severely damage 70 more components, risking repairing the entire gearbox, with a value between 2 thousand and 4 thousand dollars. In order to identify them, it will be enough to see if the spare part bears the logo and the manufacturer’s mark, in addition to providing the respective guarantee, says Vera, the generic will not have all these benefits and a lower quality product will be noticed

The advantages of using original spare parts in the cars

In order to keeps a vehicle running in optimal conditions and at its maximum capacity it is important to always use original spare parts recommended by the brand. In Retocol we want to give you some advice on why the use of original spare parts is important.

  • Safety: Original spare parts are designed, manufactured and tested to meet safety and emissions standards, and often even exceed them.
  • Performance: All spare parts are designed to work together to achieve optimum performance, total comfort and maximum fuel efficiency. The same applies to the original spare parts, which are manufactured following the same strict specifications as the parts that are assembled in the factories.
  • Quality: The high standards of design and manufacture of the original spare parts guarantee the best fit and finish, as well as maximum reliability and performance. They are designed to fit perfectly in the vehicle, without the need to force, adjust the space or make modifications, thus providing the same finish as the production parts.
  • Value: Keep the original car in every aspect and, when you want to sell it, you will see how good it was to have done it. Insisting that the parts are original can help maintain the resale value of the vehicle.
  • Authenticity: It is easy to recognize an authentic part of your brand. This gives confidence at the moment of wanting to sell a car or also in buying a used car.

Choose the right parts

Whether it’s for a maintenance service at the dealership or a repair made by yourself, the parts you use to make a difference. If you work on your vehicle yourself, or if someone else is responsible for the repair, you should always use spare parts designed and manufactured specifically to function as if they were the original parts of the vehicle. As a result of its repair, you will get the best performance and durability.

1959 nash metropolitan fulfil a functional task because they are used to replace another piece that is damaged, either by natural wear or a collision.

  • USEFUL ACCESSORIES There are also accessories for cars, which fulfil a more specific function and are not necessary for the proper functioning of the vehicle. They are basically classified into four types: aesthetics, performance, security and audio. The most common are the first two: those of aesthetics improve the visual aspect; those of performance, the performance of the car. Where to buy them? The tuning houses are the best option.
  • CARE WITH THE USED If your newly purchased vehicle fails due to shock or mechanical malfunction, it is recommended to replace the defective part in the same place where you purchased the car, to maintain the warranty. However, you can request an alternative workshop if you do not have the necessary budget. If you opt for the latter, it is preferable to choose a trustworthy store to avoid the used parts, otherwise, you will not know the real state of the purchased accessories or how long they will be. These can cause further damage and invalidate the car’s warranty.
  • Apart from the above mentioned buying second-hand parts like the 1959 nash metropolitan provides an important benefit to the user: the care of their economy. However, the second parts do not necessarily work better or their quality is good. In addition, the black market has greatly affected the formal trader and the user himself.

Fact of 1959 nash metropolitan:

Spare parts of the same brand do not need any adaptation or variation to be installed in the vehicle, because they fit perfectly in the corresponding place.