In this article, we will show you how to assemble your siren Frimstrong threes speed bike. How you can do it like a pro person and solving some other issues and here we have discussed details.


At first, unboxing to open the box and remove any staples from the top flap and cut the tape pull out the hardware box and the seat and set aside for now.

Carefully lift the cruiser bike out of the box and sat down gently and cut zip ties to remove the front wheel and handlebars and set them aside for now.

Remove the protective packaging in-store with the bike box in case you ever need to return your cruiser bike, insert the stem into the bike.

We’ll come back to this in a little bit. Open the hardware box and set aside content assembly. Make sure to remove packaging from the saddle.

Prepare fenders for assembly later by installing the struts onto the fenders, using the screws and small nuts provided.

Front-wheel to install the front wheel first and rotate the fork so that it’s facing forward. Loosen the nuts on the front wheel. Sit the front fork of the bike onto the wheel. Tighten the nuts onto the fork. Using a 15-millimeter wrench.

Installing Pedals

Next, we’ll install the pedals and take note that you are inserting the right pedal marked with an R onto the right side and the left pedal marked with an L onto the left side.

Using a 15-millimeter wrench install and tighten each pedal onto the crank.

Insert the seat, post stem into the best cruiser bike, and being careful not to drop the whole post into the bike. If you do drop the seat post, give us a call and we can give you a few tips for getting it out.

Make sure that the thinner end is pointing upward. Tightened the seat post with at least a few inches exposed using a six-millimeter Allen key on the seat.

Post clamp install the rear reflector onto the seat post now using a Phillips head screwdriver.

Installing Pedals

Install the saddle onto the seat post and tighten using a 14-millimeter wrench. Make sure to alternate between nuts to ensure an even tight fit.

First, we’ll tighten the stem into the frame to do this properly. Make sure that the stem and front-wheel align with the bike tightened in place using a six-millimeter Allen key next loosen the bolts on the handlebar using a five-millimeter Allen key.

We really recommend starting slightly above parallel to the ground. This can be readjusted in the future. Tighten in place using a five-millimeter Allen.

Make sure to check that the handlebars don’t move by putting, your weight down on them. Also, make sure that they don’t turn out of place by trying to twist them while holding the front wheel down the fender.

When calling the fenders, it’s important to know that the fender tab and stretch should come in from behind the four.

Using a Phillips head screwdriver and 10-millimeter wrench. Take the long bolt washer and nut and fasten the front reflector and front fender tab to the fork. The order should be bolt front reflector, fork, fender, tab washer than a nut.

Using either a 10-millimeter wrench or Phillips head screwdriver fastened the ends of the structure, the dropouts with the hardware provided on the back fender fastened the ends of the struts.

To the dropouts with the hardware provided using either a 10-millimeter wrench or a Phillips head screw three-speed tuning. First check.

If the bike is already properly tuned, you can do this by shifting into second gear and observing the shifter and If the yellow is within the two lines, then the bike is properly tuned.

If it isn’t, then we’ll need to tune your three-speed shifter. Follow these steps to properly tune your three-speed shifter with the bike still in second gear, loosen the malloc washer towards the front of the shifter.

This will allow you to turn the adjustment knobs slightly in front of it. Turn the adjustment knob until directly in the middle of the two lines. Once that’s complete re-tighten the lock washer, your bike is now two tires.

Pump your tires to the recommended air pressure on the side of the wheel. Most beach cruisers will be set for 30 to 40 PSI.


So here we have described details of Firmstong cruiser bike assembling guidelines. There is we have discussed one by one step to installing the Firmstong bike.

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