Outdoor games not only make us fit and healthy but also help in reducing the stress and fatigue of human muscles. It revives our mind and heightens up the energy for executing day to day works. They are very essential for both mental and physical durability. Multiple types of games played at the international or national level which functions as a bridge of relationship between various parts of the country and also the nations as well.

Hockey: An Exiting outdoor Game

Hockey is one of the most exciting outdoor games played at a various level within and across the boundaries of the countries. It is the national game of India. This game is played between two teams competing against each other for scoring the goal. They plan their moves in order to hit the goal by striking the ball into the opponent’s team goal, but only by using their special stick known as a hockey stick. There are various types of hockey: like Bandy, Roller hockey (inline), Ice hockey, Roller hockey (quad), Field hockey, Street hockey, Ice sledge hockey etc.

Field Hockey: An Overview

Hockey is one of those games that require the team of eleven players placed on a different position. In order to win the game, all players must be in complete sync and must be moved at a fast pace. In order to play a well strategic game, players must require both defensive as well as offensive skills. Along with the uncommon sets of skill, this game demands exceptional muscular as well as cardiac fitness, agility, flexibility and speed to accomplish maximal penetration effect towards the opponent’s team. Once a player achieves all the required skill set they can define their particular position from various available positions where they like to play. There are different playing positions in hockey these are as follows:

  1. Midfield: In the hockey field, there are two inner positions i.e., inside-right and inside-left, and a center half. Players holding these positions play a very important role because they can roam around the field and their foremost priority is to link the offense with defense. They are expected and required to run very fast to make this linking possible.
  2. Defensive: It consists of halfbacks i.e. left and right, goalkeeper and two fullbacks. Except for the strikers, they usually stay in their assigned positions. Sometimes they move from left to right for covering any type of substitutions. Right and left right backs fully focused on the defending against strikers.
  3. The Fullbacks: They are those who constantly stays in the defensive half position of the field, but the can move towards midfield if they got an opportunity to do so.
  4. Goalie: They are one the most important player for any team. They stay in goal-circle and tried their level best to protect the ball from entering the goal line. Goalies are the only player who has the flexibility to touch the ball with their hands, but only when they are in their circle. They equipped with various sports equipment because it is one of the most precarious spot for any player. As the player of other team try their best to hit the ball as fast as they can in order to score a goal, and they are the one who straightly facing their attacks, so they have various equipments for their safety.

A look on the Use of Hockey Goalie Equipment

It is the only place in the whole field that has the great fear of bashing by ball anywhere on the body. So in order to make the player secure, they are equipped with a bunch of equipment. Hockey goalie equipment is made to protect as well as blocking the fast-moving puck that might hit the goalie or score a goal. There are various shops and online websites available who have hockey goalie equipment. Chest and Arm are must for goalies. They not only help in protecting player’s chest and arms from wounding but also can shield the various delicate organs of the body such as lungs, ribs and heart. If the goalie doesn’t use these protections the injury caused by puck might result in the broken chest or ribs because average speed of hockey puck is eighty to ninety miles per hour which is a great pace enough for a critical damage. These chest and arms protector is specially built with special foam padding and having a binding of nylon. They have hard outer cover equipped with special shock absorbing pads. To support and protect the goalie from leg injuries they use specially designed pads. These leg pads protect the limbs and legs of the goalie. The central aim of these products is to prevent the knee injuries from the fast-moving puck as they are the worst injuries and took a great time to recover completely.

The special thick padding helps in preventing the goalie from hard strikes and from severs falls. They are designed in a manner that they do not block the mobility of the goalie; they can freely run and jump wearing these pads. These pads ensure both durability and mobility to the player. Gloves of the hockey goalie are different from all other games as they are big and unique shaped to prevent the puck entering the goal line. These gloves are specially made to ensure the less or no damage to the goalie and allow a better grip on the fast running puck. They are very helpful in blocking the puck because it has pocket of nets which helps goalie to hold and catch the ball properly. These gloves are very firm and durable.

Goalies confront a vast deal of insecure moments because they are the one who have the big responsibility of protecting the goal. They are the last hope to block the goal when all defenders fail to stop the opponents to strike the ball in their goal post. They can only be secured by hockey goalie equipment. This equipment offers a satisfactory amount of security and confidence to the goalie.