Every day there are more and more options open for the cryptocurrency trading, that is, all the strategies, techniques and tools become more and more open every day, it is not just that you put a price on the purchase and a price to the sale of cryptocurrencies, there are tools that help us detect tools of price drops, price increase and increase in purchase volume, which are the most common. This type of trading is called “signal tracking” and is supported by the detection of PUMP and DUMP modulations, if you have been in cryptocurrency for some time you will have noticed of WhatsApp or telegram groups that will tell you the signals of trading before everyone, among other things, but in return they ask for a deposit in bitcoin, which is usually 0.25 BTC, to enter and receive their “premium signals”, but what a surprise you will have in a few moments when you reveal the free tools that They automatically detect and send it to you via telegram. Have a look at the Crypto Trading Signals.

First of all I will emphasize that if there are elite groups that have too strong capital in Bitcoin, and that with this they can manipulate more easily than a common user, in fact, there are users who have enough capital to do this type of movements in the same way ; commonly these movements are carried out in “Altcoins” with little demand and almost non-existent market criteria, the price rise will be maintained for short periods of time and due to the bots that exist in almost all altcoins; There is still a small demand during this short period of time. For lovers of trading and everything related to Bitcoin, for months we have had the opportunity to enjoy Weifastpay, a large company with its signal plans and passive income, now since the end of July things have changed, but not only for Crypto Trading Signals but for trading in general and we will explain why and what is happening.

It has worked like a clock until the end of July 2017, with its investment plans. But this is a company that lives on trading and for trading since June and things began to change. From the beginning of the year to July, trading was easy, even for those who did not know how to buy, and that was only going to be revalued, even in the bad entries in a week the thing was turned around and you were positive again. Hitbtc is a popular Exchange where you can buy and sell crypto currencies, in this article we will tell; what is the process Crypto Trading Signals that you must do to your account; and start buying other currencies!

What is Hitbtc?

Hitbtc is an Exchange where you can buy and sell different crypto currencies, has a wide range of currencies to buy and its transaction costs are low, now I will tell you how you can send BitCoin balance to this platform to buy other currencies.

Make a deposit in Hitbtc

Once you create your Hitbtc account for free, it is time to take your virtual wallet and send the balance to the Hitbtc wallets; at the top of your platform you will find the Deposit option at the Crypto Trading Signals. Once you enter the deposit, you will see all the coins that Hitbtc accepts, here it will show you the balance of your BitCoin account and any currency you have bought, now, for this case we will look for the BitCoin currency and select the option of deposit, here the system will generate a unique address for you to send the money from your wallet, At this point and you have your address represented in the numbers and letters and the QR code that you can scan from your wallet, call XAPO, COINBASE, MYCELIUM, WIREX, so much variety but all have the same operation, scan and send to a wallet destination, in this case, that of Hitbtc .

Other options for Crypto Trading Signals

On this page there are different columns that have a purpose each, the first of them gives us the name of the currency that Hitbtc has available, the second is the option that you already saw, the one of the deposit. Then the option to withdraw (withdraw) comes, this option allows us to send from the Hitbtc wallet to an external wallet if for example you already generated profits you can make a withdrawal and return balance to the wallet from where you sent everything initially.

The next column is the “Main Account” This will show the balance of the coin you have that is not earmarked for trading, just that you have saved if you want to use it to make trading just have to click on the arrow pointing to the right to transfer the balance. And finally, the Trading Account is the balance destined to buy other currencies.

And that’s what I wanted to share with you today, if you want to register on Hitbtc, you can do it through this link, if you have any questions or comments, at the bottom, you will find all my social networks and I will be glad to be attentive to help you. Everything was because there was a boom in the volume of money that came to impressive amounts, and every day a currency exploded and its value rose by 10 or more percentage and it was incredible that everyone was euphoric.

But what happened from July on? Summer dates have arrived for Crypto Trading Signals when we already know that in the Forex market the volumes go down and the cryptocurrencies are not different and if we add the Bitcoin fork, the capital that moved was very low and the capital that had disappeared months ago, the big shots picked up profits and the markets collapsed. What does this mean? That the currencies started to plummet and for a company that lives on trading and for people like me fishing profits and getting more Bitcoins was much more difficult, some days practically impossible.