Gifts are something really appreciated and enjoyed by kids. A small child needs many things; his rapid and constant growth means that his mother must change her wardrobe frequently, and even the toys and pieces he or she enjoys day after day.

It is not especially difficult to buy a gift for small babies, as it has no relevance what could be their particular choices. In these cases, your priority should be to meet important needs for the baby, whether related to toys, clothing or other items that make the day to day much simpler to his caregiver or of course, more pleasant to the baby.

In the particular case of toys, they must be chosen with the utmost care. A child under two years should not have in his hands extremely small pieces, as they can go with ease to his mouth and cause many problems. You should also know if it requires special care regarding his health, for example, there are very young children who cannot be surrounded by teddy bears because they trigger allergic reactions in them.

The best toys are those that have functionality for the baby and that beyond fun are designed for the optimal development of skills. Through the Stonefoot website you can find a series of lists of possible gifts for each group of people, according to their most likely interests. In the case of the youngest, you will get an excellent review of the most popular toys and above all you will know its steel functionality to the stage where this small one is.

What kind of toys can be found according to the characteristics and needs of the child?

Well, to begin with, keep in mind that the main variations will go according to the age of the child and the purpose of the toy. Some are merely for entertainment, but there are others that have educational purposes, explicit or not. Whatever your choice, make sure that this new acquisition complying with the security conditions, is a gift that the kids enjoy a lot. Let’s see:

  1. Babies up to three months

At this moment, the little one is discovering the whole world around him. Most of his time is spent asleep, and the rest of the day he enjoys in his crib making various movements. In this case, rattles, mirrors for cradles (of course unbreakable), the mobiles and cloth books are suitable. All these elements are designed with the aim of sharpening your senses, especially vision.

  1. Babies four to eight months

At this time the baby is a little more independent. He is already able to perform certain motor movements on his own and usually spends much more time outside the crib. The above toys are suitable, but here you can incorporate the gyms for babies. In Stonefoot reviews you can find many of them and compare their characteristics.

In this stage, toys, rattles, balls and other elements that can be brought to the mouth without the greatest risk are also diversified. It is very important to take into account the safety conditions offered by the manufacturers of these products.

  1. Babies from eight to twelve months

In this stage the baby crawls and travels spaces on his own, therefore, some mobile toys can already be incorporated. These will make the task of moving safely much easier.

Among the gifts you could incorporate other elements, which allow them to paint and even arm and disarm. It is important that they relate to the basic geometric figures and also to the colors.

What to keep in mind when finally choosing a toy?

All the above makes it clear that the options of toys as gifts for babies are usually very versatile. However, now that you know the market it is pertinent that you have in mind certain considerations to make a more appropriate choice. Naturally, between advertising stimuli, prices and fashions it is very possible to fall into unfavorable decisions. Remember:

  • The pages of reviews and recommendations like Stonefoot are adequate. They will allow you to make a more systematic and objective comparison of the products that might interest you.
  • It is essential to give importance to the safety instructions of the toy, also verifying that it is the one indicated for the age of the baby.
  • It is always better to opt for reliable establishments, where they become guarantors for the type of products they are selling.
  • Toys must be chosen, in principle, for entertainment. The educational part is very important, but at this age it is more important that the piece is safe, fun and stimulating.
  • Always opt for variety. At this early stage it may not be very relevant, but in later years it is very important for the child to be able to cope in front of several pieces. Exclusivity is generally not positive for them.

In summary, buying a gift for a baby or a small child is usually not a very complicated task. However, you should pay special attention to certain characteristics that are usually not so important when you buy gifts for adults.

Selections must always be carried out conscientiously. It is very important that, first of all, you are the guarantor of the safety of this child. The good news is there are very good options in the market: you have a universe full of interesting elements to choose from.