A dubious business specialty is one in which shoppers encounter a conflict of suppositions and convictions. Such specialties don’t more often than not have the endorsement of 100% of the crowd. Notwithstanding extraordinary dubious specialties, for example, smut or guns; Other normal cases incorporate pharmaceutical organizations, credit gatherings, political gatherings, and so forth. Therefore, if a company were selling energy drinks, it would face stiff competition both for and against the product, as demonstrated by these Google results. So, we can conclude that energy drinks are an example of a controversial niche. Looking for Authority Sites? The fact is that when you work in such a controversial and debated industry, you have to attend to both sides of the coin: those who are in favour and those who are against it.

Fundamental actions in controversial niches and the Authority Sites:

Segmentation of the audience : A niche defines a group or audience that you are targeting. The gathering could comprise of men and ladies of various age gatherings, or it could be topographically dispersed. When you have decided your specialty, you should assemble your intended interest group, after which the polarization procedure of the gathering of people is done.

Polarization of the audience : The polarization of the audience refers to dividing your audience group. The division could be associated with pros and cons. Most marketing specialists focus on the support group and skip the opposite group, considering that the latter is a waste of time. The importance of the polarization of the audience is best explained by an example: let’s say that two political parties stand for election. Party A has a strong influence, with more than 60% support, while Party B has 40% support. Taking into account the polarization of the audience, to win the elections, Party B must conduct a campaign to try to attract the other audience group.

Strategic planning by Authority SitesWhen you distinguish these two gatherings, you can design your showcasing procedure all the more successfully. The primary gathering, which is now for your item, is the most straightforward. You can utilize your standard advertising strategies to awe them and get changes. In any case, inducing the gathering against your item through advertising is a noteworthy test.

Position a company in a controversial niche : We will briefly explain the impact of positioning a company in a controversial niche. In the event that you take care of the contrary gathering of people assemble utilizing suitable advertising procedures and channels, you will emerge from your rivals. This is because of the way that you are endeavoring endeavors to comprehend the two gatherings and furnish them with the genuine esteem in regards to your items. Looking to the public, your work to serve both sides positively impacts people and increases your brand’s online reputation. Let’s move on to the marketing strategies that must be taken into account to achieve it.

Control backlinks and eliminate negative links : Yes, negative links are inevitable in controversial business niches. Each week, you can find two to three links from high authority websites with a good tracking rate. What can cause minor fluctuations in the ranking of your keywords in the SERP? These types of bonds can be very damaging to your organic stability. It is important to track them weekly. So, what are the possible causes of negative links? When your website is ranked on the first page of Google by a keyword based on a controversial product, most users who are against want to link to your content to try to distort it. This black hat technique is common in all niches, regardless of how controversial they are. Unfortunately, when you rank well in the SERP, competitors will try to sabotage your efforts by creating spam links, which will result in a reduction in your ranking.

Other ways to control the construction of negative links : Stay informed about all attacks that occur on your website using the Google webmaster tool. Log in to your Webmaster account and enable email notification to receive alerts about all kinds of problems. Control your backlinks using different tools. One of them is Ahrefs. Watch the newly created backlinks. Using Ahrefs, you can check the new backlinks and even filter by date. Lastly, use the Google link disavowal tool. Group all the toxic links with the tool you are using to analyze your website, add them to a text document and upload them to Disavow Tool. Have a look at the Authority Sites.

Plan your content strategy : Once you have disallowed all toxic backlinks, it’s time to organize your content strategy. An effective content strategy is a common practice in all types of niche, but when it comes to controversial issues, efforts must be duplicated. Since, you must create content for both audience groups: those who are in favour and those who are not.

Content for defenders : To maintain the confidence of the defenders, you must continue producing content on various platforms. The benefit of the commercialization of this group is that the people who form it are already in favour of your product or service. You only need to attend them with quality content through social networks, guest blogs, infographics and other media. The concept is to create the relevant content for the right platform and at the right time. As advocates already support your product, when you provide them with value, your reputation increases.

Content for non-conformists : For those who are against, the flow changes slightly because, in the previous stages, they are not willing to listen to you or are not aware of the benefits of the product or service you are selling.

How do you turn opponents into defenders? Once again, you can never convince everyone to agree with your argument. But a smaller percentage of the group will accept certain messages if the content provided is effective. The main focus of this process is to solve the problems of the users with respect to that particular product.