What do these investors, athletes and MNC employees have common? For being the part of their company, you have to pass drug test. Apart from them, as the cannabis is making stride towards the legislation in some of the countries as US and Canada, the executives everywhere are ensuring that their drug testing must remain as fixed part of whole employment process. Most of the people quit making use of cannabis as they give up beer, wine or coffee. Until draconian law and the expectation of employer around the cannabis dissipate, the best bet for you can be learning as how to pass drug test with the best detox drinks for weed.

How detox drinks for weed can help?

High quality of the drug detox drinks can be enough for passing urine drug tests but in case only few days are left, then you must also cleanse your system. You can follow the simple steps as,

  1. Stop smoking weed completely
  2. Take up the detox drinks
  3. Exercise as much as you can, sweating is important for getting rid of the toxins
  4. Visit Sauna
  5. Drink enough water
  6. Don’t eat junk food, try eating fiber rich food and veggies

There are some of the detox drinks which are trending and acts as the effective one in the market. They come in different sizes. It depends on your weight too, for in case you are more than 200 pounds then you have to take its 32oz version, on the other hand if you are less than 200 pounds, simply take up its 17oz version. For making them work as effective detox drinks, you must stop taking the weed around 48 hours prior having the drink. Make sure that your stomach is empty before its consumption. This also means that you must refrain yourself from eating for 4 hours prior drinking the detox drinks.

Pass drug test

As soon as you finished your detox drinks, refill it with some quantity of water and drink it within 15 minutes. The final step is, you must pee a lot. The main objective of these detox drinks is flushing THC out of the body through stool or urine. The timing is also very much important, so make sure you cleanse around 2 hours prior your drug test. If you will wait for more than 4 or 5 hours after using it, the chances of passing drug test can be reduced. Other than the timings, these detox drinks available in the market are pre-mixed drinks for detoxing and designed mainly for assisting you in passing drug test.

Lemon juice as a detox drink

The best part is that, Lemon juice can also be used as a detox drinks for weed due to its acidic properties. Yes, it helps in flushing out the system just like rubbing the alcohol removes grime or grease stains. You don’t have to ingest full bottle of the lemon juice before the drug test or squeeze lemon in glass. You just need 1 tablespoon of the lemon juice in 16oz of water and spend few hours in sipping it slowly. This method of lemon juice is like the shampoo, lathering, rinsing and repeating. The main goal of this detox drink is having lemon as much as possible. Drink it at least 8 to 9 times before the drug test.

Effective detox drinks for weed

There are some other effective detox drinks too where you need to mix together warm water, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, ground ginger, cinnamon and cayenne pepper. For sweetening its flavor, you can also add on honey. Mix in good quantity all of them together in a glass, hold on your nose and get experience of this completely. If you have consumed this detox drinks for around 3 times before drug test. This can work well, if you are having a drug test in a short time and you don’t have a market detox drink available. You can have it half an hour before your drug test. After that just go and pee and you will find that H20 waterfall will shoot through small intestines and out of the urinary tract in pee cup.

The thing is that, the pee will be pure water and the test will show THC negatives. Similarly, some of the readymade detox drinks for weed are available in the market. If you are a regular smoker of weed, you are recommended to take up 32oz version of this drink. For avoiding the potential hiccups, go for the larger bottle. It is better playing safe and not risking any of the issues. This also offers five hour window and works faster than any one. It is cheaper at its price and can fill in your budget.

Highly recommended detox drink

There are some of the detox drinks for weed which are bit expensive but worth their price. They are recommended highly by the experts for passing the drug test. They are for ones who are regular smoker or partial one. This 1 liter solution can lower down the toxin level in body within one hour. It is much proficient when followed with regular exercising and drinking lot of water. They are available in the market and at online stores as well. You must also know that detox drinks for weed are much solid and can simply get your job done, for this you have to go for the quality rated detox drink only.

The detox cleanse for the drug test must be even combined with the routine of natural detox and prior to few hours of test, you can start having these drinks which can really help you in passing the drug test. They work in effective manner and can clearly flush out the THC levels from your urine. So now you don’t have to worry or stress over the drug test, just keep in mind that before the drug test, stop taking weed and follow the detox drink routine.