Surprising tips to eat well and stay in shape without gaining weight. An example? Use small, blue plates. Do you want to know more? Enter here!

More Dishes: First, Second And Dessert

Use one plate for the starter, one for the second, and one for dessert. If you use a single large plate and mix it all up, combined type, without realizing it you will put more food and eat more.

Less Quantity: Use Small Plates

Tips for stay in shape

He regularly uses small dishes, for dessert. It’s an easy way to serve less food and therefore eats less. Also, if you fill them you will have just the opposite feeling: that of eating more generous doses.

Set The Table Well

It is important to set the table well – even at breakfast – so that it is attractive. So when you sit down you connect with the habit of eating in a healthy way and are aware of what you eat.

Decorate With Photos In Which You Are In Your Weight

Choose photos of times when you felt good and were at your ideal weight. Put them in the living room, so that they are visible from the table where you eat. You can also put one attached with a magnet on the refrigerator door. They will act as a post-it, reminding you of your goal: to feel healthy, comfortable with your body, and happier.

To Snack: Light And Filling Snacks

Nuts: they recover energy quickly, quell hunger, and are rich in fatty acids that are healthy for the heart. But don’t take more than 7 or 10.

Fresh fruit: It is very satiating, and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Have it on hand, clean, and ready to eat.

Mini Bun: Freezes mini-size buns; the right dose for a protein snack, with tuna or ham.

Infusions: Green tea, fruit, horsetail, or focus, are diuretic and purifying, and help eliminate fat.

Contrast The Color: Of The Food And The Dishes

Make the food stand out on the plate. This way you will be more aware of the real amount. When it is very similar to the color of the food (some potatoes on a white plate), our brain registers that there is less food and we fill the plate more.

More Time Between Dishes

Lengthen the meal and allow more time to pass between courses, especially between the main course and dessert. It has been shown that the satiety signal takes about 20 minutes to reach the brain. With this habit, you will feel full sooner and eat less.

Mirrors That Play In Your Favor

Use mirrors to reflect the elements that help you reinforce your goal. In the kitchen, they reflect the bowl with fruits and vegetables. In the dining room, the table. And if you have a corner to exercise, that you see yourself reflected to encourage you to continue.

Light Foods, Closer

We usually eat more of the foods that are closest to us. When setting the table, make sure that the salads or the pitcher of water are close, it will help you maintain your weight.

What Should Dress Your Table

Blue tablecloths and details: Create a dining space that provides balance and calm, decorated with blue tones. Blue relaxes the heart rate, so in a blue environment you will feel calmer, and you will eat without anxiety. You can apply it to crockery, textiles, and also the painting of the walls.

Details: Avoid reddish tones, activate the nervous system, and stimulate hunger.

Four Foods That Help You “Burn”

Include foods like fruits and vegetables in your daily diet and exercise regularly. These four foods, in addition to being very healthy, are real fat burners.

Apples: Rich in pectin, they are very satiating and help to release fat. Better if you eat it with skin; It is rich in ursolic acid and helps increase the amount of muscle.

Chocolate: With 70% cocoa or more, it helps to increase the levels of hormones such as leptin -satiating, or serotonin -calming-.

Forest fruits: In addition to pectin and antioxidant substances, they contain polyphenols that help reduce the absorption of fats and sugars from food.

Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables, such as celery, broccoli, or cabbage, are very rich in fiber, diuretics, purifying, revitalizing, and great fat-burning allies.

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