The facial care is a task of the day to day helps us improve skin health. A timely treatment can also help us eliminate some of the most serious or persistent problems, such as for acne treatment singapore and burns. With boric acid, we can prevent signals from remaining on the face and achieve a more uniform tone. The goal of any facial treatment is to make the skin look its best and be as healthy as possible. The techniques to achieve this are increasingly sophisticated, including laser treatments or precious stones. The latest fashion is the use of stem cells that are injected to fill wrinkles much more effectively than Botox and other alternatives. Acne treatment singapore has a lot for you! Boric acid is a chemical compound, also known as trioxoboric acid. Its slightly acidic nature makes it have numerous applications as an antiseptic on a medicinal level. Its use in cosmetics follows that same line, being usual to use it as a disinfectant to prevent facial lesions from getting worse while regulating the pH of the skin.

The acne treatment singapore is a condition that occurs most often during adolescence, affecting more than 89% of adolescents and usually still present until well into adulthood. The appearance of acne in adolescence is usually related to an increase in male hormones called testosterone. Testosterone is produced in greater amounts by both boys and girls during puberty. For most people, acne with acne treatment singapore tends to disappear as hormone levels are reduced, that is when the adolescent turns twenty or more. Although this is the “general rule”, the disappearance of acne is unpredictable. Some continue to suffer from this condition on their skin until they are in their thirties, forties and even older. There are many erroneous beliefs associated with acne. Acne is not caused by a lack of facial hygiene, but good hygiene and use of specialized skin care products can help with this condition, although the main cause is hormonal.

There is no proven scientific connection between the consumption of certain foods or sun exposure with the subsequent effects (positive or negative) on acne conditions. In some cases of severe acne that does not respond to medications, it may be advisable to visit a dermatologist (skin doctor) or anaesthetic surgeon to deal with the scarring associated with this condition. The scars produced by acne can be bulky called hypertrophic scars and/or atrophic scars) which are those scars produced by the lack of skin that is the most common scars. The appearance of the scars has a wide range, ranging from those that seem to have been caused by a sharp and sharp object to those that are wider and rounder.

Step-by-step facial cleansing on faces with acne

The acne is one of the most common, uncomfortable and unsightly facial infections for women because it can cause the skin have an unhealthy appearance and if not effectively treated can leave scars or blemishes. Although it is common in adolescence, acne can appear in any woman especially if there are circumstances such as oily skin or hormonal imbalances.

Although it can occur for various reasons, acne is caused by overstimulation of the sebaceous glands of the skin. Having an excess of fat can cause inflammation and clog the pores causing blackheads and pimples with pus, the latter being the result of the fight of the immune system against acne, at death, the white blood cells are accumulating and inflaming the area.

Acne treatment Singapore – Facial cleansing of the face with acne step by step

For this reason of acne treatment singapore the first thing we must take into account when performing a facial cleansing if we have acne is that we should not stimulate the production of skin fat, as it would aggravate the disease. Therefore, it uses products such as soap or cleansing creams without oils or alcohol, which are soft and non-aggressive. When removing the product it is important to do it gently, without squeezing or dragging so as not to spread the infection. Then we must moisturize the skin to avoid being tight, which would lead to an increase in sebum. Use moisturizers that absorb easily, spreading them gently, and having always removed the hair from the face. Finally, we can apply a facial tonic that helps to recover the neutral pH of the skin.

If we want to extract some grain we should never do it with our nails because we could cause wounds, but be using gauze or cotton that allows us to remove the pus without allowing it to spread through the nearby pores. In any case, the best thing is for the extraction to be done by professional, as well as more aggressive treatments such as exfoliation, to avoid adverse effects

How to eliminate acne with Acne Treatment Singapore

Acne is the most common and widespread skin infection, especially among adolescent and young women, although it may persist for years with varying degrees of intensity. Precisely for this reason, the use of boric acid is used, which helps prevent the spread of infection. The same criterion is applied in the case of burns and cuts, applying boric acid so that they do not become infected. However, given the acidity and potency of boric acid, it is always advisable to consult the dermatologist before applying it; otherwise, it may further damage the skin and cause serious side effects. It should never be applied to open wounds or with a solution greater than 3% to avoid it.

The boric acid is presented as a white powder and can be purchased in pharmacies. It is applied diluted in the recommended proportion on clean skin. Afterwards, it will be necessary to apply moisturizing cream since its use can leave the skin dry. The most important thing is not to abuse boric acid because if it is applied in excess it can cause the appearance of scars that will be very difficult to eliminate.