In men, the testosterone level starts to decrease after 30. And the decreased level of testosterone level causes different problems such as baldness, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and even depression. Hence most men look for the solutions that can boost their testosterone levels. There are few medications as well as supplements that can help to increase the testosterone level in men even after 30. But some of those supplements and medications are neither natural nor they suit everyone.

Then what’s the solution to this problem? How can men increase their testosterone level to stay healthy and active in their sexual as well as normal life? Well, we didn’t say that all the supplements are not safe to use. There are some testosterone supplements like ‘Testogen’ that contains natural ingredients and does not have any bad side effects. These testosterone supplements boost the level of testosterone naturally around 25% to 30%.

But before you could start using T-boosters or T-supplements it is important to know certain facts about low testosterone level.

Testosterone Level Can Decline In Early Years Too:

Normally people think that the testosterone level does not decrease before the 30s. And this problem is associated with older men only. But researches have shown that young male adults (below 30) can also face the problem of low testosterone levels. Not only this, but men from any walk of life like athletes and sportsmen can also face this problem.

Further, the decrease in testosterone in older men is because of the natural causes but in younger adult males this could be because of a number of reasons. Whether you are in your late or early 30s it is important to have a healthy testosterone level. Therefore to keep the testosterone level balanced naturally, it is important to avoid all the activities that can affect the testosterone level even if you are using T-boosters like Testogen.

What Cause The Testosterone Decline In Men?

As men get older that is when they enter their late 30s or 40s their testosterone level starts to decline naturally. But in younger males the causes are different. There are a number of reasons that can lead to reduced testosterone level. Before you could decide whether you should take T-supplements or not, know about what’s causing the problem.

Here are some of the reasons why young males have decreased testosterone level:

  • Improper Lifestyle:

Although in young adult males the testosterone level is at peak and they usually do not face the low-level problem but that’s not impossible. One of the major causes of testosterone decrease in young males is an improper and unhealthy lifestyle. Men in their early 20s and 30s tend to be less conscious about what they are eating, how they are sleeping and whether they should work-out or not. All of this could lead to low testosterone level. A balanced lifestyle is a key factor in keeping the testosterone level healthy and high in young adult males. The testosterone level is boosted naturally with regular exercise and daily walk. Further, improper lifestyle also means not taking your meal at a proper time. Plus lack of sleep and having a poor sleep cycle also causes a decrease in the normal testosterone levels.

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption:

Alcohol has very adverse effect on human health especially on the release of testosterone in males. Young adult males who have high consumption/intake of alcohol are prone to very low levels of testosterone levels. High and excessive alcohol consumption is one of the leading factors in testosterone decline. Hence it is very important for young as well as older men to avoid excessive alcohol if they want to keep their testosterone level normal and healthy.

  • Poor Dietary Intake:

We are what we eat. Our health and body functioning are greatly affected by the food that we consume. Diet also greatly impacts the level of testosterone. A poor diet such as junk food and oily food are not good for high testosterone levels. It is quite important to take food that is rich in fibers and healthy nutrients.

  • Use of Drugs:

Another factor that affects the levels of testosterone in males is the use of drugs such as marijuana and cocaine. These drugs whether used excessively or occasionally affects the release of testosterone in males. Similarly, excessive smoking is also a factor in declining testosterone level.


For men who think that their testosterone level is going down or if they want to keep it at a normal, healthy level then it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Young males, as well as older men, can keep their testosterone level normal with regular exercise, good dietary intake and using T-supplements such as ‘Testogen’. But it is important to discuss it with your general physician or pharmacist before using any supplements or T-boosters.