Being a mother is one of the most challenging adventures a woman can have. When, in addition, she is her own boss, she can become a feat.

The now called “mompreneurs” (entrepreneurs) not only feel responsible for their children or their family. Running a business, they also work for their employees and their families. And in the meantime, they care about sales, profitability, and leadership skills. It is that women are quite demanding with themselves, and usually aspire for maximum results in everything.

A few days before Mother’s Day in Mexico, we want to share with all the moms who are part of the My Own Boss community the 10 best tips to be more productive, achieve better results and be able to enjoy the two most important aspects of his life: his family and his business.

Know And Accept Your Strengths And Weaknesses


Many women with strong personalities say that after becoming a mom, they feel even more powerful, focused, and productive because they don’t have a minute to waste. That does not mean, however, that they then have to behave like superheroes or always achieve perfection.

Work To Balance Your Work And Personal Life… But Understand That It Is Difficult To Achieve

Even if you organize your schedule very well, there will be days when you have to forget about the yoga class, postpone the call with a client, or work after putting the children to bed. With two such important responsibilities, you will never have enough hours to keep up with all of your pending tasks. Be patient, you will have better days than others.

Learn To Live With Guilt

Feelings of guilt about not being able to attend a school meeting or not spending more time with the children are like those thoughts that come up when we meditate: impossible to completely eliminate. Accept that, in some way, they will always be there, because a mother always aspires to fulfill her role 100 percent. She gives the best of you and learns to control them.

Seek The Advice And Inspiration You Need

Many of the studies carried out on the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs point to one in particular: the lack of role models. If you weren’t born into a family of entrepreneurs, get inspired by the success stories of mompreneurs like Barbara Corcoran, one of Shark Tank’s investors; Joy Mangano, the creator of the “miracle mop”; or Carrie Green, founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association. (EMF).

Ask For The Guidance Of A Mentor

You will be able to find it in a network or association of businesswomen. Ideally, they should be older than you, have more business experience, and have faced the same problems and crises that you are going through right now. A mentor will give you a more objective view than your partner or a friend, and she will make you feel less alone.

Build Your Support Network

This includes your partner, your parents and siblings, your friends, the babysitter, their teachers, your right hand in the company, and the most trusted employees. These people will not only be there for you when a problem arises, or they will be able to replace you in some function: they are the ones who will always encourage you to continue fighting for your dreams.

Make Mobility Your Main Ally

The most successful moms and entrepreneurs have a rare ability: they are able to be in several places at once. And how do they do it? Mainly, with mobile applications that allow them to access key information at any time and from anywhere, for example on the status of inventories or pending invoices. Or with secure platforms with which they can generate invoices or payroll receipts.

Take Time To Build An Independent And Autonomous Team

When you are a mother and an entrepreneur, it is vital to delegate, especially as the business grows and the operation becomes increasingly complex. But to achieve this, you not only need talent and commitment but also know how to share your knowledge and design processes that give you peace of mind that, for example, customers will receive their orders in a timely manner even if you are not in the company.

Force Yourself To Unplug And Give Yourself Time To Relax

The fact of being a mother and a businesswoman means that there will always be someone expecting something from you: your children, your partners, your employees, or your clients. But beyond the responsibility you assumed, you have to understand that without physical and mental health, you will not be able to meet any of those expectations. So, establish a schedule from which you are going to disconnect from the cell phone and the computer, and then spend time with your partner, reading a book, or enjoying a good bath.

Always Remember Your Mission

Why did it all start? Why was having a job not an option for you? In the whirlwind of everyday life, we can easily forget what led us to undertake, what we want to do for our clients, or even what is the legacy we want to leave our children. Remembering your passion and purpose will allow you to refocus, motivate yourself, and recharge your batteries.

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