Any expressive way that has creativity, ingenuity, lines, strokes, representations of places, actions or things, made by the human being, is considered art. Everything that man expresses, through forms or techniques, is immersed in the category of art. We cannot hide that human beings need to express what they feel, and art has been the means of communication through which to express those emotions; which can be appreciated through any of the 5 senses of the human being.

Types of art

  • Modernism
  • Urban Art
  • Abstract Art
  • Romanesque Art
  • Gothic Art
  • Contemporary art

What are the Artistic Disciplines?

The concept of art is an act capable of making public their emotions, thoughts, and postures with techniques and forms. It is a way for human beings to express what they feel, through a unique work. In this sense, we cannot confuse a craftsman with someone who makes art. The craftsman reproduces a work, while the artist makes unique things.

If we know what art is, we can already understand why in many countries art is a fundamental part of their culture. An example of this is Argentina. Tango is an artistic expression. It must be taken into account that art can be represented, through painting, drawing, dance, and song. Understanding what art leads us to see artistic expressions from another point of view.

Types of Arts and how to appreciate them:

Visual Arts: They are prized in Architecture (the design of structures and infrastructures). Body art(the body is used as a mode of expression). An example is makeup, wardrobe, and even tattoos and piercings. Digital art(video games). Cinematography (reproduction of moving images, emerged in 1895).

Another form of visual arts is drawing (it is the base technique for other styles of art). The sculpture is a work that is done by hand. For this, various types of materials are used, such as clay, clay, wood, metal, and others. The photograph, which captures images regardless of whether moving or not. And finally, painting, which through images made with different types of pigments, can be recreated on wood, fabric, paper, metal, among others.

Performing Arts: In this type of art enter two great expressions that are very common to see regularly. Dance is one of them, which has manifested itself over time. It is nothing more than a set of movements, which originate accompanied by musical chords. Each culture has its style of dance, and that is part of the art.

The theater is another form of scenic art, where a group of actors performs a representation of a work that simulates a situation, whether these are real-life events, or simply fantasy events. It is considered an expression of art, recognized worldwide.

Musical arts: Singing is an expression of art, using the voice as a means of expression. Music, produced by musical instruments that generate melodies. Both are considered important expressions of art worldwide.

Literary arts: are considered poetry (a literary composition) and drama. The latter is a drama where the actions of the characters take place. Many books and poetry clubs can be found, where many poets flaunt their abilities to create poetry.

Most relevant classical artists within the art

Many artists have represented the true meaning of what art is worldwide.  Giotto, who lived from 1267 to 1337, was an Italian painter, sculptor, and architect from the Trecento. Leonardo da Vinci, who lived from 1452 to –1519, was a painter, sculptor, draftsman, architect, engineer, philosopher, and inventor who is still well known to this day, a world reference in art. He was considered a multi-talented genius, visionary, and archetypal Renaissance man.

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