Hillary Swank

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As a child, the actress lived in a trailer park and was ashamed of her poverty. Having achieved fame, she did not mindlessly spend royalties on a rich life and she still gets by on the bare essentials. Hilary lives in a small apartment in Los Angeles and prefers regular supermarkets and budget-class clothing stores. Paparazzi often photograph her on the street, because Suenk loves to walk, and she refuses the services of a personal driver. She gives most of her income to orphanages. Hilario develops the charity Hilario (the name is taken from the name of the actress and the nickname of her deceased dog), which helps children and animals. “Nobody knows what could happen in the next moment, so you have to live now and make others happy,” says Hilary.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress, who played the most stylish New Yorker, ready to give her last money for new shoes, grew up in a poor family. She now does not seek luxury, which she lacked in childhood, but on the contrary, she knows how and loves to save. The actress often goes to second-hand stores, where she buys clothes for herself, her son, and her two daughters. Sarah says that The Real Cost of Fashion influenced her, making her wonder what the consequences are of rampant consumption of it. For her role in the 2016 series “Divorce,” Parker’s wardrobe was collected from used eBay and Etsy items at her request from her.

Keanu Reeves

The actor gave almost all of the royalties from the movie “The Matrix” to charity, as well as to his colleagues and makeup artists because he felt they were not being paid enough. Reeves has a cancer fund that he did not want to disclose. The actor uses public transportation, does not dine-in restaurants, and wears the same clothes. He not only does not spend money but also differs in modesty, which is not inherent in all celebrities. In 2014, the actor stood in line for 20 minutes in the cold rain at the club where the party to celebrate the premiere of the film “Daughter of God” was to be held. In it, Keanu played one of the main roles. Reeves, modestly dressed, did not recognize and did not let the guards in, but did not even call the organizers.”How do you manage to stay so realistic?”

Eva Longoria

The actress was remembered by the public in the role of a beauty-loving luxury from the TV series “Desperate Housewives.” This confirms Eva’s ability to transform on-screen because, in reality, her lifestyle is nothing like the one her heroine aspired to. Longoria invested film royalties in a nightclub and a restaurant, business projects that failed. However, she continues to work on the set. In the summer of 2018, Eva gave birth to a son. On the Instagram page of the actress, there are many simple everyday photos with a baby and a few with cars and expensive purchases. Unlike many celebrities, Eva does not hesitate to upload photos in the same clothes and spends time on the yacht alone during her vacations.

Tobey Maguire

The father of the future actor was a builder, his mother worked as a secretary. Toby’s parents instilled in Toby respect for money and prudence. “We were very poor,” recalls the actor. “Everything is relative, but I want to say that we had to ask the neighbors for food.” He really wanted to start earning as soon as possible, but he didn’t even spend high fees on luxury. For the main role in the movie “Spider-Man”, Maguire received $30 million and decided to invest in the business and put it in bank accounts. Since 2017, Toby opened a production company and disappeared from the screens. He prefers to work now so that he and his children have enough money, instead of spending it excessively and in old age waiting for roles.

Jennifer Lawrence

The actress still lives in the apartment she moved into when she first came to Los Angeles. Despite her multimillion-dollar royalties from her, she drives Volkswagens and Chevrolets, she doesn’t buy things at expensive stores. “I was raised that way,” says Jennifer, “I prefer quality to quantity and I know the value of money, even if there is a lot of it.” Lawrence doesn’t have personal stylists or secretaries, she easily uses coupons and buys clothes on sale. The actress supports charitable projects, including a $2 million donation to the cardiology department at the hospital in her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

Leonardo Dicaprio

The average salary for an actor is over $200 million, but he never wanted to live like his character from The Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio is indifferent to expensive cars, driving a Toyota Prius and flying commercial flights, refusing to fly a private jet. Leonardo regularly donates money to charities and organized the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The actor is interested in environmental issues, he made the film “Save the planet” about climate change. In 2014 he became a UN Ambassador and in 2016 DiCaprio received the Cristal Award for his contribution to the development of the environment. The actor’s only immodest purchase was an island in the Caribbean near Belize.

Keira Knightley

With her husband, Klaxons musician James Ryton, Kira performed at one of the most modest celebrity weddings. There were 11 guests at the ceremony, and instead of a fancy new dress, Knightley wore one that had already appeared at social events. The actress does not like pathos and she does not want to spend a lot of money on a show. Since 2012, she has set herself a limit of $50,000 a year. “A glamorous lifestyle implies a certain social circle and I like to be friends with ordinary people,” she says to Kira. The actress assures that the most interesting and fun companies she has been in were not rich people accustomed to luxury. True, she sometimes indulges in such excesses as famous designer clothes, but rarely and strictly not for an outlet.

Renee Zellweger

Rene calculates a monthly budget, finds discounted products and uses coupons for services. Ella’s ability to save allowed him to organize a five-year break from filming, and then return to Hollywood again. “There is a misconception that being a celebrity is frivolous because on the surface there is often glamour, beauty, and fun,” says Rene. She believes that “wisdom with age is like humility” and she practices it by giving and helping those in need. The actress participates in solidarity projects with her colleagues Sean Penn and Matthew McConaughey.

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